Kansas local interagency coordinating councils (LICCs) have many responsibilities, including: 

  • Identifying local service providers who can deliver Part C services to infant and toddlers with disabilities and their families;
  • Advising and assisting local service providers; 
  • Communicating, combining, cooperating, and collaborating with other local councils on issues of concern;
  • Developing a plan describing the system for coordinating early intervention services; 
  • Submission of an annual grant application to the state lead agency in order to capture federal IDEA and state funds; and 
  • Utilizing multiple funding sources for early intervention services for children with disabilities from birth through age five and their families.


The Council must be made up of at least one from following groups:

  • Parent of a child who is, or has been, eligible for Part C
  • Representative of a health or medical agency (such as health department, WIC, doctor)
  • Representative of an educational agency (local school)
  • Representative of a social services agency (Department of Children and Families)
  • Representative of the local tiny-k program (usually the director of the local Part C program)

See KAR 28-4-565 for a detailed list of membership requirements and council responsibilities: ‚Äč
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