Early Intervention Services

Infant Toddler Services - Birth to age 3

Early intervention services in the state of Kansas are also known as “Kansas Early Childhood Developmental Services”. Early intervention services work alongside families with children under three who have, or are at risk for, a developmental delay.  Services are provided in the natural environment – where the child naturally spends his/her time.  A natural environment can be at home, at the home of extended family or friends, daycare, story time at the library, the playground, even the grocery store!  Services focus on helping children learn and generalize their skills in the places that they would naturally use them.  Therapists, or providers, work on areas of need through a primary provider model of service delivery.   One person is chosen, based on the needs of the child and the family, not just for a short term, but long term in most cases.  When questions arise, the provider has a team of specialists to consult with and, if needed, another provider can join the primary provider to give guidance, support, and ideas to continue the progress of the child and family. 

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