Early Childhood Special Education

Once a child turns three in the state of Kansas, any needed special education services are provided by the local school district.  

If a child was receiving early intervention/Part C services until their third birthday, the family participated in the transition process from one program to the other.  

Eligibility for early childhood special education services is determined by each program, following the eligibility criteria set forth by the state of Kansas.  The state of Kansas has developed a parent guide to early childhood special education and it can be found here.

If a family is concerned about their child's development at/after age three, they can contact their local school district and ask for information about their Child Find program.  This program evaluates students who are not already receiving special education services and determines eligibility based on state criteria.  Vision and hearing may be screened in addition to cognitive, language, motor, social, self-help, and other skills appropriate for the child's age.  

If you have moved into the state of Kansas with an active Individualized Education Plan (IEP), contact your local school district to schedule a meeting to discuss your child's IEP and determine appropriate placement in a school program.